The Best Smartphones of 2023!


The year 2023 saw a proliferation of smartphones, each offering unique features and capabilities. From advanced cameras to enhanced AI capabilities, these phones showcased the rapid advancements in mobile technology. The diverse range of options made it an exciting year for smartphone enthusiasts, with each device vying for recognition and accolades at the Smartphone Awards 2023. Best Big Smartphone – …

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Firebase Dynamic Links

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If you are not using Firebase Dynamic links, you are missing out on some pretty cool features. As a developer you may run into issues where you have published your mobile apps on various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc with each having a different app store URL. Firebase Dynamic URLs simplifies the management of URLs so you don’t write …

ezstockspro Retrospective !

ezStocksPro Retrospective

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ezStocksPro Retrospective for iOS and Android he mobile application development has changed quite significantly since I first released ezStocksPro on iOS and Android four years ago. The applications were built using Objective-C and Java respectively. Some of the reasons, I choose native app development at that time were: My hobby app project did extremely well both on Apple and Google …

Anatomy of a Mobile App

Anatomy of a Mobile App

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Native App, Hybrid App, iOS, Android, Windows… dvancements in hardware and software technology has changed the way we consume information. If you are an application developer, you should already be thinking of Mobile first and responsive design. Regardless of what you use for developing a mobile app and whether you are an indie or enterprise app developer, Mobile App anatomy …