2018 02 10 14 18 10

Firebase Dynamic Links

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If you are not using Firebase Dynamic links, you are missing out on some pretty cool features. As a developer you may run into issues where you have published your mobile apps on various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc with each having a different app store URL.

Firebase Dynamic URLs simplifies the management of URLs so you don't write code to check for browsers and/or platforms to redirect users appropriately. Additionally you can use dynamic links to deep link users to specific content within your app.

I had published a popular mobile app, ezstockspro (this is a firebase dynamic link) several years ago on both iOS and Android. So I would publish 2 different URLs to this app everywhere. Additionally, I would write code to check if the user clicked the link from a desktop browser or whether it was a user on mobile device (iOS or Android).

With the discovery of Firebase Dynamic links, I simplified my URL linking strategy quite significantly. I now use one Firebase URL which does the following:

Firebase Dynamic Links