Anatomy of a Mobile App

Anatomy of a Mobile App

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Native App, Hybrid App, iOS, Android, Windows…

Advancements in hardware and software technology has changed the way we consume information. If you are an application developer, you should already be thinking of Mobile first and responsive design. Regardless of what you use for developing a mobile app and whether you are an indie or enterprise app developer, Mobile App anatomy should cover the following aspects:
  1. A great user experience
  2. Ability to present information in an intuitive way
  3. Keep the users engaged
  4. Supporting devices of various form factors
  5. Availability on iOS and Android at the minimum
  6. Social media integration
  7. Providing App documentation/FAQs
  8. Ability to contact app developers quickly.
  9. Incorporating the patterns that are prevalent in other popular apps.
  10. App data management and whether it is stored locally on device, cloud or other servers.
  11. Cloud integration to support app data backups.
  12. Ability to deploy changes on multiple platforms quickly. Think Hybrid apps.

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